Purpose and Application

  • Establishes a process for implementing corrective action when non-conformances/non-compliances are identified.
  • Covers all Missouri S&T activities defined within the scope of its Environmental Management System (EMS).


  • Corrective Action - Action taken to correct a known non-compliance/non-conformance.
  • Preventive Action – Action taken to bring awareness and to prevent a potential non-conformance.
  • Continuous Improvement Action - Action taken to improve the University.
  • Root Cause Analysis – A prevention tool that examines the individual processes within a system and uses a series of “why” questions to determine the reason for a non-compliance / non-conformance.
  • Identified Issue – A non-compliance or non-conformance.
  • Non-Compliance – Non-fulfillment of a legal requirement. 
  • Non-Conformance – Non-fulfillment of a non-legal requirement. 

Procedure Steps & Responsibility

Action to be performed


  1. Enter the identified issue into the corrective action log. 

EMS Coordinator

  1. Send an action request notification to an appropriate department representative.  The action request may be a corrective, preventive or continuous improvement action.

EMS Coordinator

  1. Follow the steps listed on the action request notification and perform a Root Cause Analysis to respond appropriately to the identified issue.  Communicate results to the EMS Coordinator.
    1. The default timeframe allotted to address the identified issue is 10 working days.  If this is insufficient, you may contact the EMS coordinator and discuss a more reasonable timeframe to complete the corrective action. 

Campus Departments

  1. Perform a verification audit. 
    1. If unable to verify action was taken, the request will be updated.  If after two verification audits, the identified issue is not corrected; the results will be addressed with management immediately. If verified, the “action request” is closed.

Compliance Inspector / Internal Auditor

  1. Update the corrective action log.

EMS Coordinator

Objective Evidence

Record / Form Responsibility Location Retention
Corrective Action Log EMS Coordinator EHS 3 Years