Purpose and Application

  1. To establish a process for the creation, review, revision, removal, and distribution of documents that describe and control the Environmental Management System (EMS).
  2. This procedure applies to all EMS controlled documents throughout Missouri S&T.



Roles and Responsibility

  1. The EMS Advisory Committee will approve campus-wide EMS documents that are created, reviewed, and/or revised for adequacy as needed. Department Chairs or Directors (or another appointed department representative) are to approve department-specific documents and assure they are created, reviewed, or revised for adequacy as needed and are made available to the campus and EMS Coordinator. The EMS Coordinator will post campus wide approved EMS documentation on the Missouri S&T EMS Manual, and remove obsolete campus wide EMS documentation from the Missouri S&T EMS web manual. EMS Documents are controlled by accessing the Terminal Four program. Department Chairs or Directors (or another appointed department representative) will ensure that all documentation is implemented.
  2. Each department is responsible for controlling documents of external origin that support the EMS.


    Campus-Wide EMS Documents

  1. Documents are created using the EMS procedures and then forwarded to the EMS Coordinator for review.
  2. The EMS Coordinator reviews all EMS web manual documents and makes necessary revisions in preparation for a second review by the EMS Advisory Committee.
  3. The EMS Advisory Committee reviews all new and significantly changed EMS documentation.
  4. After approval, the EMS Coordinator posts the new or revised document on the EMS web manual.
  5. Only documents on the web site are considered approved.
  6. Missouri S&T Leadership is advised of any major changes to the EMS during Management Review.
  7. Obsolete documents (from the EMS web manual) are clearly marked as obsolete and archived in the Terminal Four program. Changes are documented in a running log maintained by the EMS coordinator.
  8. Documents are reviewed through internal auditing and at the time they are changed.

    EHS Department Web Documents

  1. EHS procedures that support the EMS are maintained on the EHS department's web site.
  2. The EHS Director must approve all new and significantly revised EHS web documents.
  3. All EHS employees are responsible for periodically reviewing and updating web documents in their functional areas and providing the EHS/EMS web masters with updated material.
  4. Only the EHS webmaster may actually revise EHS documents on the web. The EHS webmaster is appointed by the EHS department director.
  5. Changes to EHS web documents are tracked electronically and EMS Document Control procedures are followed.

    Department-Specific EMS Documents

  1. Each department may generate procedures they require to comply with the EMS.
  2. The applicable department head (or another appointed department representative) approves all new and revised department-specific EMS documents.
  3. After approval, a representative from the department will make the new or revised document available to the campus.
  4. Obsolete documents are archived in the Documentum program and placed on file by the specified department representative.
  5. Documents are reviewed through internal auditing and at the time they are changed.
  6. Departments must follow EMS Document Control procedures.

    Documents of External Origin

  1. Each department is responsible for controlling documents of external origin. Documents of external origin include environmental regulations, international standards, test procedures, and any other documentation from an external source that provides guidance for the EMS. Departments should make every effort to use web-based documents. If hard copy is required, control will include ensuring that only the latest revision of the document is available for use.

     Objective Evidence

Record / Form Responsibility Location Retention
EMS Manual & Supporting Documentation EMS Coordinator Missouri S&T EMS Website Ongoing
EHS Manual EHS Webmaster Missouri S&T EHS Manual Ongoing

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