EMS Management Review

The EMS Management Representatives hold yearly management reviews with top management. These meetings include a review of the EMS to ensure its continued suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. The following items are reviewed at least annually:

  1. Results of internal reviews
  2. Communication(s) from external interested parties, including complaints.
  3. The environmental performance of the organization
  4. The extent to which objectives and targets have been met
  5. Status of corrective and preventive actions
  6. Follow-up actions from previous management reviews
  7. Changing circumstances, including developments in legal and other requirements related to its environmental aspects
  8. Recommendations for improvement

These reviews address the possible need for changes to policy, objectives, and other elements of the EMS based on review of results, changing circumstances and Missouri S&T's commitment to continuous improvement. Records of these reviews are maintained by the Management Representative for a minimum of three years.