Procedure for Identifying Environmental Aspects


To establish a methodology for identifying environmental aspects of Missouri S&T’s activities within the defined scope of the EMS that can be controlled and influenced accounting for planned or new developments or new or modified activities


Environment: The surroundings in which Missouri S&T operates including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and their interrelation

Environmental Aspect: An element of Missouri S&T’s activities that interacts with the environment


A.      Procedure to identify environmental aspects

1)      List Missouri S&T activities within the defined scope of the EMS

2)      List the resources (inputs) required to conduct the activities identified in step 1).

3)      Identify the environmental aspect that results from use of resources identified in step 2)

4)      Document the information collected in the Identification Worksheet tab of the “Aspect and Impact Identification Worksheet”


B.      Procedure to maintain environmental aspects

1)      Ask campus department personnel during internal audits to identify any changes in their activities

2)      Repeat Section A “Procedure to identify environmental aspects” if a new activity is identified


Addendum:  Identifying Aspects in Department Machine Shops

1)      Contact machine shop supervisor and conduct a separate internal audit.

2)      Identify any significant aspects within the machine shop.

3)      Add any significant aspects to the Significant Aspects List.

4)      Contact the Department Machine Shop on a yearly basis to identify any new significant aspects not listed the previous year.

5)      During the internal audit, inquire of any machine shops under the direction of the department.



Aspect and Impact Identification Worksheet Location - Y:/ems/Aspect-Impact Program/Aspect and Impact Identification Worksheet.xls


Date Revised - 6/22/2016