Objectives and Targets

2017-2018 Objectives and Targets

Sustainability Awareness Program

Objective 1: Develop an awareness program for sustainability efforts on the S&T campus

Target: Install Green Kiosk in Toomey Hall by end of April 2017

Target: Look for opportunities to install Green Kiosks or plaques with QR codes across S&T campus by December 2018

Target: Create a data program for display on kiosks or accessible through QR codes that discuss S&T sustainability by December 2018. This program can include information about S&T energy usage, maps to recycling stations, water bottle fill stations, etc.


Waste Management Plan Project

Objective 2: Develop a waste management plan

Target: Monitor usage of Elkay water bottle fill stations.  Save 1 million 8 oz plastic bottles from landfills by December 2018

Target: Develop program to encourage use of rechargeable batteries.  Save 300 pounds of alkaline batteries from disposal through Heritage by December 2018.


Wind Power Project

Objective 3: Purchase energy from a sustainable source

Target: Enter into 5 year contract to purchase 28 million kWh of energy from wind power sources by January 2017

Target: Calculate and monitor the CO2 reduction from purchase of wind power.  Reduce S&T’s CO2 production by 50,000 tons by December 2018