Policy Manual Table Of Contents

1.0     General Requirements
  Environmental Policy

    3.1    Environmental Aspects
    3.2    Legal and Other Requirements

4.0    Implementation and Operation

    4.1    Resources, Roles, Responsibilities, and Authority
    4.2    Competence, Awareness, and Training
    4.3    Communication
    4.4    Documentation
    4.5    Document Control
    4.6    Operation Control
    4.7    Emergency Preparedness and Response

5.0    Checking and Corrective Action

    5.1    Monitoring and Measurement
    5.2    Compliance Evaluation
    5.3    Non-conformances and Corrective & Preventive Action
    5.4    Control of Records
    5.5    Laboratory Inspections of the EMS

1.0    General Requirements

Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) maintains an environmental management system (EMS).

    Scope of the EMS:

The Environmental Management System for Missouri S&T includes educational, research and administrative activities on the Missouri S&T Campus.

2.0    Environmental Policy

Missouri S&T's Chancellor has defined a Sustainability Policy for its environmental policy:

  Sustainability Policy

Missouri S&T will ensure that this policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees of Missouri S&T. The policy is available to the public on the Missouri S&T's Chancellor web page: http://chancellor.mst.edu.

3.0    Planning

     3.1    Environmental Aspects:

Missouri S&T maintains procedures for identifying environmental aspects of Missouri S&T's activities and for evaluating these aspects to determine those that have or can have a significant impact on the environment.

Identifying Environmental Aspects
Determining Significance of Environmental Aspects

Departments will contact the EMS Coordinator when there is a change or addition to the activities on campus. The EMS Coordinator will assist the departments in identifying the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the new activity.

     3.2    Legal and Other Requirements

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) ensures legal and other environmental requirements applicable to Missouri S&T's activities are identified, kept current and made available in the legal and other requirements summary. EHS also determines how legal and other requirements apply to Missouri S&T's environmental aspects in the EMS aspect spreadsheet.

Legal & Other Requirements Summary

    4.0    Implementation and Operation

    4.1    Resources, Roles, Responsibility and Authority

Missouri S&T has defined, documented and communicated the roles, responsibilities and authorities required to facilitate environmental management. Roles and responsibilities are defined in the Structure & Responsibility Matrix and the Missouri S&T Organizational Chart.

Missouri S&T Organizational Chart

Structure & Responsibility Matrix

Missouri S&T Chancellor provides adequate resources essential to the implementation and control of the environmental management system. This includes human, technological and financial resources.

Missouri S&T has appointed management representatives who have defined roles, responsibility, and authority for ensuring the environmental management system requirements are established, implemented and maintained in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. The management representatives will report on the performance of the environmental management system to Missouri S&T Vice Chancellors and Provost for review and as a basis for improvement of the system.


     4.2    Competence, Training and Awareness

Missouri S&T ensures that employees receive appropriate training relating to the EMS and the significant environmental aspects and impacts.  Training needs are determined and defined on the document titled "Environmental Training Programs".

Environmental Mangement Systems Training is provided to all new university staff in New Employee Orientation.  Additional training is given to all new incoming Freshmen through the Chem 1100 seminar.  New faculty are provided the EMS General Awareness handout in the new faculty handbook.

Missouri S&T ensures individuals who perform tasks that can cause significant impacts to the environment are competent based on appropriate education, training, and/or experience. Individuals who perform tasks associated with significant environmental aspects should be generally aware of Missouri S&T's Sustainability (Environmental) Policy, the overall objectives of the environmental management system, and specific requirements and procedures outlined in Missouri S&T's Environmental Health & Safety Manual. Missouri S&T ensures that these employees and those working on the University's behalf receive the appropriate level of training, as outlined in the Environmental Training Programs document.

Environmental Training Program

     4.3    Communication

Missouri S&T maintains procedures for communicating to all interested parties (internal and external) regarding environmental aspects management, reviewing results, and other information pertaining to the EMS.

Relevant external communication is received, documented and responded to, as provided for in EMS procedures.

Communication Procedure

     4.4    Documentation

Missouri S&T maintains this EMS manual to describe the core elements of the EMS as they relate to the Missouri S&T campus. Relevant procedures and other documents are identified and linked within this manual.

     4.5    Document Control

The EMS documents are controlled as described in the EMS procedure for document and data control.

Document Control Procedure

     4.6    Operation Control

Missouri S&T's EMS database identifies activities that are associated with the identified significant environmental aspects. Missouri S&T plans these activities, including maintenance, to ensure they are carried out under specified conditions by establishing and maintaining the Environmental Health and Safety Manual. It also covers situations which could lead to deviations from the sustainability  policy and the objectives and targets. Operational criteria are stipulated within these documents when needed.
In relation to significant environmental aspects, Missouri S&T communicates requirements and procedures to suppliers and contractors through documented contracts and guidance documents.

Environmental Health and Safety Manual

Landscape Services

Asbestos Awareness

Lead Awareness

     4.7    Emergency Preparedness and Response

Environmental Health & Safety assists departments in identifying the potential for accidents and emergency situations on campus. Emergency Response Plans were created for preventing and mitigating the environmental impacts that may be associated with the identified potential.  The Emergency Response Plans are tested where practical, reviewed after an occurrence, and revised as required, as defined in the following procedure.

Emergency Preparedness Procedure
Emergency Response Plans

5.0    Checking and Corrective Action

    5.1    Monitoring and Measuring

Missouri S&T maintains documented procedures within this manual to regularly monitor and measure those characteristics that have a significant impact on the environment. These procedures include the recording of information to track performance, relevant operational controls, and conformance with the organization's objective and targets.  Any equipment used to monitor these characteristics is identified, calibrated and controlled according to department-specific calibration practices.

     5.2    Compliance Evaluation

Missouri S&T maintains a documented procedure for the periodic evaluation of compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements to which the University subscribes.

Monitoring and Measuring Procedure

     5.3    Non-conformance and Corrective & Preventative Action

Missouri S&T maintains a system for corrective and preventive action for non-conformances to the requirements of its EMS as provided in the procedure.
EMS non-conformances are submitted to the EMS Coordinator. The EMS Coordinator contacts the appropriate department(s).

Missouri S&T Departments are responsible for performing a root cause analysis if the non-conformance has an impact on the environment. The departments will also investigate non-conformances, assigning responsibility, and taking timely and effective corrective/preventive actions.

Actions taken to eliminate the causes of the non-conformance will be appropriate to the magnitude of the problem and the environmental impact.

Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
Corrective Action Request Form

     5.4    Control of Records

Missouri S&T identifies records of the EMS within appropriate polices and procedures. These records provide evidence of compliance to this EMS and include training records and the results of reviews.

Missouri S&T environmental records are legible, identified and traceable to the process(es) involved. These records are maintained and filed in a way that they are readily retrievable and protected against damage, deterioration or loss. Retention times are defined by legal and/or Missouri S&T requirements.

     5.5    Laboratory Compliance Inspections of the EMS

Missouri S&T maintains a program and procedure for yearly departmental shop and laboratory compliace inspections of the EMS.  These laboratory compliance inspections cover the following areas:

BioSafety Level 2

Biological Safety/Waste Storage Requirements

Bulk Drum Storage Requirements

Chemical Waste

Compressed Gas Cyulinder Requirements

Emergency Preparedness

General Safety

Hazardous Materials

Personal Protective Equipment

Pesticide/Herbicide Requirements

SPCC Plan Requirements

Used Fluorescent Lamp Requirements

Used Oil Requirements