Activity Area Legal Requirements Regulations File Locations Websites for State Websites for Federal  
Aerosol Cans Waste Disposal Guidelines 10CSR25-5, 40CFR261.7, 40CFR262.11 Online Code of State Regulations 40CFR  
Air Emissions (Boilers) State/Federal Operating Permit Programs 40CFR70, 40CFR71 Online   40CFR  
Basic Operating Permit Permit #161-0006,
expires June 3, 2021
EHS Office Files      
Asbestos MDNR Certification & Licensing, Worker Protection, Renovation & Demolition, NESHAP RSMO643.225 - RSMO643.250, 40CFR763, 40CFR61 SubpartM Online Missouri Revised Statutes 40CFR  
Asbestos 29CFR1910.1001, 29CFR1926.1101 Online   29CFR  
Biological Waste Management of Infectious Waste 10CSR80-7 Online Code of State Regulations    
Community Right-to-Know (Chemicals, Explosives) Requirements, EPCRA RSMO292.600 - RSMO292.625 Online Missouri Revised Statutes    
40CFR355, 40CFR370, 40CFR372 Online   40CFR  
Explosives Explosives Storage Requirements 40CFR264 SubpartEE, 40CFR265 SubpartEE Online   40CFR  
Hazardous Waste Management Facility Permit Requirements RSMO260.350 - RSMO260.434 Online Missouri Revised Statutes    
Operating Permit Permit #MOD000677773 EHS Office Files      
Training Requirements - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 40CFR311, 29CFR1910.120(e) Online   40CFR 29CFR
General Requirements, Identification & Listing, Standards Applicable to Generators & Transporters 10CSR25, 40CFR260, 40CFR261, 40CFR262, 40CFR263 Online Code of State Regulations 40CFR  
Lead Training & Licensing Requirements 19CSR30-70 Online Code of State Regulations    
Distribution of Information 40CFR745 Online   40CFR  
Oil Pollution Prevention Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan 40CFR112 Online   40CFR  
Ozone-Depleting Substances Licensing Requirements for CFC's 40CFR82 Online   40CFR  
Pesticides. Herbicides & Fungicides Worker Protection, FIFRA 40CFR156, 40CFR170, 40CFR171 Online   40CFR  
Pesticide Applicator Rules 2CSR70-25 Online Code of State Regulations    
POTW Discharges Use of Public Sewers Required Article III: 35-54 Rolla City Ordinance      
Building Sewers & Connections Article V: 35-75 thru 35-87 Rolla City Ordinance      
Pretreatment For Industrial Wastewater Users Article XIV: 35-194 thru 35-260 Rolla City Ordinance      
Radioactive Material/Waste United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Rules & Regulations 10CFR Online   10CFR  
Protection Against Ionizing Radiation 19CSR20-10 Online Code of State Regulations    
NRC Reactor License License #R-79 Nuclear Reactor Files      
NRC Material License License #24-00513-40 EHS Office Files      
Septic Systems Requirements for on-site sewage disposal systems RSMO701, 19CSR20-3 Online Missouri Revised Statutes Code of State Regulations  
Small Quantity Generator-Requirements Hypoint Incubator Building - State ID MO Generator #041326 EHS Office Files      
Hypoint Incubator Building - Federal ID EPA #MOR000523852 EHS Office Files      
Spills Designation, Reportable Quantities & Notification 40CFR302 Online   40CFR  
Storage Tanks - Underground General Safety Requirements RSMO319, 40CFR280 Online Missouri Revised Statutes 40CFR  
Storm Water/Land Disturbance Land Disturbance - General Permit Permit #MO-R105354 EHS Office Files      
Storm Water -  Operating Permit Permit #MO-R100052 EHS Office Files      
Storm Water -  Operating Permit Experimental Mine & Quarry Permit #MO-G491101, Expires Oct. 5, 2016 EHS Office Files      
Clean Water Commission 10CSR20, 40CFR122 Online Code of State Regulations 40CFR  
Transportation (Asbestos, Chemicals, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Hazardous Waste, Radioactive Material, Radioactive Waste) General Requirements, Hazardous Material Table, Training Requirements 49CFR171, 49CFR172, 49CFR173 Online   49CFR  
Universal Waste Requirements for PCBs 10CSR25-13, 40CFR761 Online Code of State Regulations 40CFR  
Requirements for Used Oil 10CSR25-11 Online Code of State Regulations    
Requirements 10CSR25-16 Online Code of State Regulations    
Activity Area Other Requirements Requirement File Locations      
Chemicals Safe storage facilities shall be provided for materials having unique physical or hazardous properties, such as temperature sensitive, water reactivity, or explosibility. NFPA-45, 7-2.1.2 EHS Office Files NFPA Codes    
Incompatible materials shall be segregated to prevent accidental contact with one another. NFPA-45, 7-2.3.4 EHS Office Files NFPA Codes    
Containers of materials that may become hazardous upon prolonged storage shall be dated when first opened. At the end of six months, the material shall be evaluated or tested for continued safe use. Material found to be safe or that can be treated to make it safe shall be permitted to be re-dated and retained for an additional six month period. All other material shall be discarded. NFPA-45, 7-2.3.5 EHS Office Files NFPA Codes    
Compressed Gas Cylinders Standards for Visual Inspection of Compressed Gas Cylinders CGA Pamphlet C-6 EHS Office Files Compressed Gas Association    
A Guide for the Preparation of Precautionary Markings for Compressed Gas Containers CGA Pamphlet C-7 EHS Office Files Compressed Gas Association    
Radioactive Material/Waste American Radiation Insurance  Same as regulations (See Legal Requirements) Online      
Storage Tank-Aboveground Flammable & Combustible Liquids Code, Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities & Repair Garages NFPA-30, NFPA30A EHS Office Files NFPA Codes    
Solid Waste (non-hazardous) Minimization/Recycling Solid Waste (non-hazardous) Minimization/Recycling Recycle Mania, Waste Minimization/Recycling Report Recycle Mania      
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) Rating System AASHE Website      
American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) Green House Gas Report Presidents Climate Commitment Website      
Missouri S&T Policy Environmental Health & Safety Manual EHS Website      
Sustainability Policy Policy Memorandum #I-82 Chancellor Website      
Improvements to or Modifications of any University Facilities Policy Memorandum #III-32 Chancellor Website      
Hazardous Chemicals/Waste/Material Policy Policy Memorandum #III-54 Chancellor Website