The Environmental Health & Safety Department is asking for your assistance in complying with a new regulatory requirement:

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has updated their packaging standards for how used batteries must be packaged for shipment. Effective immediately, all used batteries collected on the Missouri S&T campus must have the terminals covered with non-conductive tape (i.e. scotch or packing) to ensure terminals cannot come in contact with other batteries. Our universal waste hauler will either refuse shipments with used batteries that have not been properly packaged, or will invoice customers on an hourly fee schedule to properly package them.  

Missouri S&T Battery Recycling:

To recycle used campus batteries, please send Jason Newton an email at .  In your email you should include the number of taped batteries you want picked up (if it is a large quantity, please give an amount, i.e. 5 gallon bucket) and your pickup location.  Joe will respond as soon as possible.  Please do not send used batteries through the campus mail system.

For individuals registered with our Hazardous Waste Pickup Request System, please add your taped battery pickup to your Hazardous Waste Pickup Request.  Please include the amount of batteries and the pickup location.


 As a reminder the university cannot accept used batteries from households. Household batteries can be taken to the Rolla Recycling Center located at 2141 Old St. James Road. For more information please see the Rolla Recycling Center Web-site at:

If you live outside of the Rolla area, you may be able to find a battery recycling dropoff location closer to your home by visiting:, and entering your zip code.  A list of dropoff locations, distances and maps should appear.